This Authoress

I'm a God girl, growing into His confidence and being who he wants me to be.
I'm a Daughter and a sister to two brothers. One older (20) and one younger (15)
I'm a song bird...singing whatever beautiful melody that pops into my head to my King.
I'm a freckled, far skinned red head!
My heart is ministry. And when I graduate, which is next year crazily, that's what I'll be pursing.
I'm a firm believer in dating with a purpose- only dating one guy for marriage and staying emotional, mental, and physically pure until then.

I'm Amber :) It's nice to meet you!

 Tell me about you!

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  1. Hi Amber!
    You have a lovely blog! (And I love the name of it as well!) <3 I had to follow! :)


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