Thursday, December 5, 2013

My fragile heart

Lord it is so fragile. So tender. So weak.
Lord, I end up giving it away even when I don't want to!
Lord, I love guys when I shouldn't love.
I hurt myself,
I make so many mistakes.


Why do I do this?
I'm tired of doing me protect myself better. Help me save my self. 
Help me not to give into loving other guys so easily, help me be stronger! 

I so long and desire to love a guy but I know it is not time yet and I am not ready.

I'm sorry time after time after time I keep doing this. Help me to be stronger.

Help me not to give into loveing a man.

Ever felt this way?


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Receiving forgiveness

Falling at the feet of forgiveness. Ashamed, embarrassed, humbled, mad, addicted. So many different things you feel. But there is that one thing that overcomes all of the above and that is the gentle, but echoingness of forgiveness. One of the things Jesus is so none for.

Sometimes we may feel that we sure don't deserve it. Or we don't need it. Or maybe because we know we are so weak in an area,we don't want it, cause we know we are just going to fail again.

Well here are truths about the forgiveness The Lord Jesus offers to us...

•It's always available. 
No matter what you've done, or what you may do, it will always be there. We have an edless amount of forgiveness. There is no limit. There isn't a,"oh! Your forgiveness is all run out Megan. Sorry!" Haha of course not! 

•God wants us to be true and real!

Meaning, if we come to him for forgiveness... You better be planning on changing what you've been doing! Turn around. Stop. Quite it! Haha, he wants to see a difference in your attitude which will change your actions! We aren't supposed to be like "oh dear lord I have made a mistake.... Please forgive me!!!" But then when the temptation comes again we don't try to overcome it! We must be determined to change our ways and be prepared to fight when nessary!

•When we don't ask for gods forgiveness for something we have done, it will put a rock in between god and us.

Wondering why you just can't seem to hear from god? Is there something you haven't confessed to him? Placed in his hands. Prayed about. Go to the cross!

•Gods wants to lavish his forgives upon us!

God knows we are human and he knows we will sin but he wants to help us not make as many mistakes as possible. But when we do he wants us to run to him confess,cry,listen,be forgiven, and show us how to fight against it happening again!

So if your feeling burdened take a look and see if there is something you need gods forgiveness to wash over you. Stop and talk to him about it now. Give those burdens over to him. Let Him help you!!

What are thoughts on Gods forgiveness for us? Have any tips? What have you learned?

~Amber!!!! :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Self pity

When you start thinking about yourself and what you want. Self pity is a terrible place to be, because we become blinded by our wants. We stop truly desiring to serve and love others cause of what we are chooseing to focus on.

Now I know that self pity comes and knocks at my door here and there and tonight I was having one of those moments. 

I was feelings sad because i don't have something that I shouldn't have right now. And then going, ahhh but ohhhh if only I could have it, I wish, if only, but I would be happier....

But those things only create a selfish attitude in us. Something we should rid of right at that moment. And that I found to be true!

When I start to feel self pity rising up I've learned that I must say NO!! Right then and there, decide you aren't going to give into those feeling and thoughts! 
Battle them with thanksgiving and bring them into the light by reminding yourself that it is just selfishness overstakig you! 

When self pity is allowed in and is grown it produces depression. Self pity will come but it's how you handle it. Don't let it in, don't dwell on it, and don't let it fool you to believe that how you feel about it is truth, remember the true about it -it is selfishness!

What tips have you learned with dealing with self pity? 

Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!
~Amber!!! :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Going back to the beginning

I've tried to be a really good blogger. Copying idea's from other bloggers. Trying to make my blog a super awesome and fun one. One that everyone would like and would comment on everything and that I'd have so many followers.


I'm not there yet.

That's what I realized. I'm trying to hard to be something that I'm not at yet. So I'm gonna I'm go back. Go back to being a beginner. Changeing how I write posts. It's gotta come natural or it isn't real. In a sense.

I hope you understand what I mean. I'm sure you do. :)

I also want to say that I am so thankful for my 7 followers! Thank you for following this blog! :)

So, now I'm gonna make it real. So here I go. Gladly jumping into a boat I should've first went on. Instead of getting ahead of myself! :)

~ Smiling,
   Amber :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

In Christ ALONE!

Happy Labor day everyone! I hope you have a enjoyable day doing whatever your doing, however your celebrating it. My family isn't doing anything today but I'm ok with that! We actually are going to continue setting up for the garage sale we are having later this week. I'm content with doing that! :)

There is this song that I really like. It's an old hymn, and an amazing one! And I really just like this version of it.
And I just wanted to say if your struggling with anything right now please just listen to these words, let your spirit soak them up and be encouraged, my sister. :)

Be blessed lovelies!

~Amber Eileen <3

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hey again,

Well, I've been back from camp for 2 weeks now. And let me just say that I am oh, so very happy to be home! I was rejoicing over our clean, millipede free shower, toilets that are your own, and my enclosed, raccoon free bedroom! Hahaha!...... there's no place like home!
I didn't enjoy camp like I did last year, even though it was fun, I just really struggled with being away from home and no contact with home. Like I wrote about in my last post. I missed everyone so much and all I wanted was to be home. I did have some really fun times but during it all my heart ached to be home.

Times change and what was fun last year may not be for you again this year, and that's ok. That's what I realized.

I did make memories and Camp Friedlander is dear to my heart. All the staff members and especially all the friends I made there have a special part in my heart. I will miss them all. BUT I did get some of there email addresses and such, which makes me so happy to be able to stay in touch with them.

This was at the trading post, hanging out eating foot!

At the dining hall, this was before we left on Friday. One of the staff members, Kevin, ate dinner with us :)

Here is our campsite. We were unpacking everything.

In the car an the way there.
Good memories but glad to be home <3

Friday, August 2, 2013

Meredith Andrews~~~ Strong God

This is a song I was listening to the other morning. While I was listening to it I was encouraged. Such a beautiful song that glorify's God! He is truly a strong God!

Hope you are encouraged by it! What God speaking to you through it? I just love it! haha

~ Amber :)


Hello, again.
Sorry that I haven't posted much. I've been wanting to but just didn't have the inspiration. But I'm finding it again :)

And guess what!!! Well, I shouldn't have used those exclamation points because I'm sad about it. :( I gonna be gone all this week for a summer camp. If you followed my other blog, you'll see it 's the same one I went to last year. Camp Friedlander. I had a blast last year. And I know It'll be fun this year too but I just don't want to leave, oddly!
I just don't wanna leave

I don't want to leave cause leaving is hard. I wont be able to contact my mom to talk to her because no cell phones aloud. I'd be fine with no cell phones if I didn't want to talk to my mom. So I will miss her and my family and friends VERY much!

Yes there is flush toilets!! No worries, I wouldn't be going if there weren't flushed toilets!!

Amber :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Oat meal and bluberries

Oat meal and blue berries...Mmmmm one of my favorite breakfast foods! Here's how I make it...
Quick oats, I use 1/4 cups oats.

Add water, of course.
I microwave mine.
Then I take it out, add the blueberries and put it back in for like 20 more seconds because the blueberries are frozen. and I don't like by blue berries really hot cause they loose a lot of there flavor.

After that, I add honey to mine. I like mine sweet so i put quite a bit in. Hehehe :)

And then I add soy milk. This helps it not be so think and cools it down too.

So here you go. Try it and see if you like it. Now of course you don't have follow everything I do, you can touch it up and make how you like it! Hope it tastes delightful to your taste buds!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My first post

Welcome to my new blog! I'm just getting it stared. I know I probably wont have followers yet that will read this but join me on my journey through life as I seek to live a God filled and life and ministry. :)

~Willingly His,
Amber <3