Monday, June 24, 2013

Oat meal and bluberries

Oat meal and blue berries...Mmmmm one of my favorite breakfast foods! Here's how I make it...
Quick oats, I use 1/4 cups oats.

Add water, of course.
I microwave mine.
Then I take it out, add the blueberries and put it back in for like 20 more seconds because the blueberries are frozen. and I don't like by blue berries really hot cause they loose a lot of there flavor.

After that, I add honey to mine. I like mine sweet so i put quite a bit in. Hehehe :)

And then I add soy milk. This helps it not be so think and cools it down too.

So here you go. Try it and see if you like it. Now of course you don't have follow everything I do, you can touch it up and make how you like it! Hope it tastes delightful to your taste buds!


  1. Hey Amber!! Just thought I'd let you know I'm following, and I LOVE your new blog!!!
    God bless you!!

  2. Oh, yes, SO glad your following! Awww thank you! I've been working hard on it! :) Have a great day!

    ~Amber :)

  3. this looks delicious! i did a similar post on tea that you might like:

    1. Oh that sounds cool. I'll check it out! :)
      ~Amber :)

  4. sounds delectable. i'm not a huge fan of oatmeal but with fresh berries + vanilla milk = mmmm. thanks for leaving the sweet note in my garden walk, love. you are the best. ;) xx

  5. Looks (and sounds) so yummy!! And btw, i LOVE your blog!! <3



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