Friday, August 2, 2013


Hello, again.
Sorry that I haven't posted much. I've been wanting to but just didn't have the inspiration. But I'm finding it again :)

And guess what!!! Well, I shouldn't have used those exclamation points because I'm sad about it. :( I gonna be gone all this week for a summer camp. If you followed my other blog, you'll see it 's the same one I went to last year. Camp Friedlander. I had a blast last year. And I know It'll be fun this year too but I just don't want to leave, oddly!
I just don't wanna leave

I don't want to leave cause leaving is hard. I wont be able to contact my mom to talk to her because no cell phones aloud. I'd be fine with no cell phones if I didn't want to talk to my mom. So I will miss her and my family and friends VERY much!

Yes there is flush toilets!! No worries, I wouldn't be going if there weren't flushed toilets!!

Amber :)

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