Thursday, December 5, 2013

My fragile heart

Lord it is so fragile. So tender. So weak.
Lord, I end up giving it away even when I don't want to!
Lord, I love guys when I shouldn't love.
I hurt myself,
I make so many mistakes.


Why do I do this?
I'm tired of doing me protect myself better. Help me save my self. 
Help me not to give into loving other guys so easily, help me be stronger! 

I so long and desire to love a guy but I know it is not time yet and I am not ready.

I'm sorry time after time after time I keep doing this. Help me to be stronger.

Help me not to give into loveing a man.

Ever felt this way?


1 comment:

  1. Hello Amber Eileen.
    I think this post voices a lot of girl's struggles that are staying abstain before marriage.
    I've found that accountability in this area is the best way to go about this. (James 5:16)
    I've got some books to recommend to, if you would like that.

    God bless you and keep you!



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