Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Receiving forgiveness

Falling at the feet of forgiveness. Ashamed, embarrassed, humbled, mad, addicted. So many different things you feel. But there is that one thing that overcomes all of the above and that is the gentle, but echoingness of forgiveness. One of the things Jesus is so none for.

Sometimes we may feel that we sure don't deserve it. Or we don't need it. Or maybe because we know we are so weak in an area,we don't want it, cause we know we are just going to fail again.

Well here are truths about the forgiveness The Lord Jesus offers to us...

•It's always available. 
No matter what you've done, or what you may do, it will always be there. We have an edless amount of forgiveness. There is no limit. There isn't a,"oh! Your forgiveness is all run out Megan. Sorry!" Haha of course not! 

•God wants us to be true and real!

Meaning, if we come to him for forgiveness... You better be planning on changing what you've been doing! Turn around. Stop. Quite it! Haha, he wants to see a difference in your attitude which will change your actions! We aren't supposed to be like "oh dear lord I have made a mistake.... Please forgive me!!!" But then when the temptation comes again we don't try to overcome it! We must be determined to change our ways and be prepared to fight when nessary!

•When we don't ask for gods forgiveness for something we have done, it will put a rock in between god and us.

Wondering why you just can't seem to hear from god? Is there something you haven't confessed to him? Placed in his hands. Prayed about. Go to the cross!

•Gods wants to lavish his forgives upon us!

God knows we are human and he knows we will sin but he wants to help us not make as many mistakes as possible. But when we do he wants us to run to him confess,cry,listen,be forgiven, and show us how to fight against it happening again!

So if your feeling burdened take a look and see if there is something you need gods forgiveness to wash over you. Stop and talk to him about it now. Give those burdens over to him. Let Him help you!!

What are thoughts on Gods forgiveness for us? Have any tips? What have you learned?

~Amber!!!! :)

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