Monday, November 25, 2013

Self pity

When you start thinking about yourself and what you want. Self pity is a terrible place to be, because we become blinded by our wants. We stop truly desiring to serve and love others cause of what we are chooseing to focus on.

Now I know that self pity comes and knocks at my door here and there and tonight I was having one of those moments. 

I was feelings sad because i don't have something that I shouldn't have right now. And then going, ahhh but ohhhh if only I could have it, I wish, if only, but I would be happier....

But those things only create a selfish attitude in us. Something we should rid of right at that moment. And that I found to be true!

When I start to feel self pity rising up I've learned that I must say NO!! Right then and there, decide you aren't going to give into those feeling and thoughts! 
Battle them with thanksgiving and bring them into the light by reminding yourself that it is just selfishness overstakig you! 

When self pity is allowed in and is grown it produces depression. Self pity will come but it's how you handle it. Don't let it in, don't dwell on it, and don't let it fool you to believe that how you feel about it is truth, remember the true about it -it is selfishness!

What tips have you learned with dealing with self pity? 

Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!
~Amber!!! :)

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